About Alturas Pain and Spine Specialists

Pain Management Physician & Interventional Spine Specialist located in St George, UT

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Alturas Pain and Spine Specialists is an exceptional pain management practice in St. George, Utah. Founder and board-certified pain management specialist Stacie Oliver, MD, welcomes patients to her office for multimodal, comprehensive pain care using the latest evidence-based techniques and technologies.

When I decided to open my own medical practice, it was a giant leap of faith. The obstacles to overcome seemed enormous, yet I was continually encouraged by members of our local medical community and my patients. I have a deep feeling of obligation to my patients and to provide them with the best care possible in a compassionate manner. It is these relationships that have made my career most rewarding.

When I started Alturas Pain and Spine, I knew I wanted to create a practice and a culture of truly putting our patients and their outcomes above all else. I struggled with finding the right name for the practice and finally settled on the name of a lake where I attended summer camp as a kid in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho. This place represented beauty and tranquility and an active way of life - all things that I wanted to promote in my patients' lives. The name comes from the Spanish word meaning “heights” and to me it represents elevating patient care to the highest possible standards.

I believe in a multimodal, holistic, and truly comprehensive approach to helping patients minimize their pain, so they can return to the highest quality of life possible. I work with all providers and specialties to identify the true source of a patient’s pain and as a team, develop a comprehensive approach to alleviating it in as minimally invasive a way as possible. I enjoy researching and learning the latest in therapeutic technologies that are evidence based and peer reviewed, and I only recommend the best of those therapies to my patients. I put my patients and their care as my first priority and train my staff to do so as well. 

I am excited to be opening our new office in St. George behind Target. We are centrally located with convenient parking and first floor access. We are always accepting new patients and can often schedule the same day. I look forward to seeing you and helping you achieve a higher quality of life through compassionate care.